John T. Nieman Nursery has actually been a family run nursery for 4 generations. John began as a kid assisting his dad and aunties. Along the way, he established a love and understanding for trees. The family began selling Christmas trees in Finneytown in the 1930’s. In 1962, John purchased the current timberland with his wife, Marilyn. He began planting trees and opened cut-your-own Christmas trees in 1987. Ever since he has included a growing number of trees and a Christmas shop .

The store was started by John’s better half, Marilyn (who handed down in 2009). Marilyn made all of her bows by hand, and passed that tradition down to her children. She embellished wreaths, boodles and plans and still had time to welcome everybody with a smile and a “Merry Christmas!” John is helped by his son, Tim who is a licensed Arborist.

John and Tim spend numerous hours operating in the fields. They sustain over 60,000 trees that all require sufficient care. It takes roughly 8 years to grow a saleable tree, and every year each tree is trimmed and manicured to keep the best shape that clients have actually pertained to anticipate and enjoy . When you visit our farm you can always anticipate a smile and a helping hand. We have actually always believed in having the very best trees and the very best service without the gimmicks. Since then he has actually included more and more trees and a Christmas store . The shop is now run by her children (Annette, Teresa, and Melinda) and daughter-in-law( Shannon) .

We Also Offer Landscaping Services Such as:
-Tree Installation
-Shrub Installation
-Planting Flower Installation
-Shrub Maintenance
-Tree Maintenance
-Landscape Design
-Landscape Installation

We Also Service The Following Areas:
, Cincinnati